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Ron Glozman

“Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship – Ron's Passion and Knowledge is Contagious”

Ron has been passionate about entrepreneurship since he was young. A tecnology enthusiast at heart he founded his first startup when he was just 13. Having studied computer science and business administration since high school Ron has a strong technical background which gives him a unique perspective and advantage.

Ron has founded multiple companies leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to help solve complex business problems for Fortune 500 companies.

He is the co-author of The AI Book, the first globally crowdsourced book on the application of AI for multiple industries. Ron is a frequent speaker at conferences and on podcasts on the topics of artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, business and personal finance. He is the host of the "Smart Money Tricks" podcast, founder of Chisel AI, and currnetly CEO & Founder of FindoffMarket.ca Canada's largest real estate investment website.

Ron's Areas of Expertise

Software Development

System Architecture, Database Design, AWS, Backend, Frontend or something else I can likely help or know someone who can.

Artificial Intelligence

Determining which problems can be solved efficiently and economically as well as data preparation, cleaning, and analysis.


Ideation, Product/Market Fit, MVP, Fundraising, Scaling, Hiring, Pitching, Deck Reviews and most things startup related I can help.


Commercial P&C Insurance and Brokerage/Agency systems are my areas of expertise. Learn how to work with startups and/or learn how to sell to Fortune 2000s.

Real Estate

Fix n Flip, BRRRR, Commercial, Rezoning, Financing, Mortgages are just a few of the areas of Real Estate transactions Ron is familiar and can help with.

Personal Finance

Love to talk about Saving, Investing, Budgeting, Portfolio Analysis, Meditation, Stoicism and anything related to personal finance and growth.

Ron's Current Projects

Smart Money Podcast

Your source for personal finance and interviews with successful business leaders sharing tips and tricks. We cover real estate, investing, savings, and other finance topics.

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A variety of software solutions to aggregate, identify, price, and sell off market properties. Canada's Largest Off-market and Wholesale Real Estate Marketplace.

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Looking to improve your company or startup? Let's talk tech, startups, AI, fundraising, and more.Whether you need help with technical or business problems Ron can help you.

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